• Hot is a fortnightly magazine that is published to give readers the latest news and happenings in Tinseltown. This is where you can find all the more updated gossips and news on the celebrities that usually horde the news. In the magazine you can find Hot Shots which are typically candid photo shoots of celebrities. Hot off the Press is where an article is published on the latest gossip in around Hollywood while Hot Quickie are essentially short stories with pictures. Hot Pics is a section that provide pictures and images of celebrities while Celeb Feature looks into a specific issue in Hollywood.

    This can be about marriages, divorces, mom-to-bes and all that.<br><br>Hot Asia is news and latest developments in the Asian celebrity environment. Hot News provides news on Hollywood while Hot Style provides insights and some tips into the latest fashion craze in around the entertainment industry. The Feature section is where you can find a specific issue being addressed in every issue. In every issue, there will be reviews in the Hot Films, Hot Music, Hot DVD and Hot DVD segments while Hot Sports looks into the more fitness segment of life.